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It has been so much fun getting to know the businesses on NW 13th! While an initial visit to the street might make someone think that it’s dominated by major businesses like Keen, Safeway, and 24 Hr Fitness, there are over 70 businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some are retail, some beauty and fitness, some are restaurants, and many others are creative firms. Some have their storefront on the street, others are hidden within the many historic buildings like the Gadsby Building. We have been very well received by local businesses, who have been very excited to share their thoughts. Long term parking for employees? Shutting down the streets to cars? Making events easier to implement? Check! Everyone has ideas and opinions about the street and we’ve been steadfastly working to ensure every business has had the opportunity to take one of our surveys!

Are you worried your business, employer, or favorite local store didn’t participate in the survey? Feel free to contact us and we’ll double check to make sure they have been given a survey! Otherwise, look forward to our business survey results in the coming weeks.

All businesses participated anonymously and individual business answers will not and can not be revealed.

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