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As we begin the process of better understanding NW 13th, we are excited to share images of our initial steps to gain insight into the particular experiences of users of the street. In doing this we sought to acquire knowledge about the relationship between people and space so we decided to leave the office, get out, and observe. As we witnessed the daily activities and circumstances of people on the street, we recorded textually and visually how individuals enact space.

At the end of the day, this was helpful in beginning to understand what people do on NW 13th and what their needs are. Sometimes, you just gotta go and live the street.


  • Kris M

    I am legally blind and walk from 5th and NW Davis to Safeway at 13th and Lovejoy regularly with my cane and in tow is my grocery cart on wheels. The thought of 13th as a street with no traffic is a MARVOLOUS idea!! Thanks for seeking feed back!

    • RethinkAdmin

      Hi Kris! Thanks for your comment! We love hearing from community members such as yourself. If you’re ever available or would like to walk with one of our planners along the street, please let us know: rethinkstreets@gmail.com. Your input is very valuable to our plan.

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