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In trying to understand what makes NW 13th so special as a street, we realized that we needed to have observations and data if we wanted to prove this point. We then asked ourselves, what is the best way to capture how people are using a street?

Los Angeles’ People Street program wants to turn the city’s streets into active spaces for people. Their activity scan form was the perfect way to capture how people are using the street, not simply how they move through it.

Our team set out on an initial set of activity scans along the whole length of NW 13th, capturing all activity on the street. This data looks at the people who they are, where they are, what they’re doing.

Some early findings caught our attention. Weekday activity seemed to be dominated by males, but weekend activity on the street was evenly split between males and females. People generally preferred to spend time on the west side of the street. And two hubs of activity emerged where NW 13th intersects with Glisan and Lovejoy.

We have some questions that we may want to address going forward. What does the street look like in warmer, sunnier weather? Are people walking on the loading docks, in the street, or using a mix of both? These are questions we’ll keep in mind as the team moves ahead.

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