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Rethink Streets is a multi-disciplinary planning consultant firm. As a team of six soon to be graduates of Portland State University’s Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning program, we bring expertise in all areas of planning. We encourage you to learn more about us and contact us if you would like to know more about us or our projects.

Geoff Gibson – Project Manager, GIS Analyst

Focused and driven, Geoff smoothly manages our group dynamics and keeps each member on task. He is passionate about creating plans that won’t gather dust on a shelf.

Santiago Mendez – Creative Director, Urban Designer

Trained as an architect, Santiago brings an artistic eye to everything we do, pushing our team to think outside the box.

Courtney Simms – Economic Development, Outreach

Economic planner extraordinaire, Courtney tenaciously engages in community outreach to ensure that all voices are heard on our project.

Cassandra Dobson- Project Manager, Land Use Analyst, Historian

A land use planner by trade, Cass fills in the position of group historian. While she would rather be on the Coast, she gladly will dig her teeth into a zoning code.

Dylan Johnstone – Transportation Analyst,  Designer

Our resident active transportation expert, Dylan brings a thoughtful eye to our GIS maps and infographics.

Russ Doubleday – Transportation Analyst, Content Creator, Editor

As our group’s wordsmith, Russ brings to paper each member’s ideas. Both analytical and literary, Russ approaches each report with balance and thoughtfulness.